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Hello (virtual) world!

Posted by Gerald on May 30, 2007

I’m relatively new to the whole Web 2.0 experience.  I started blogging over at myspace, but quickly came to, um, dislike the interface.  A friend of mine is already posting her blog here and recommended it, so here I am.  If you would like to see the first few weeks of my blogging efforts, you can find them at:

Why the title?  (Grasping my lapels – in my mental image I’m wearing a frock coat – I swell with self-importance and declaim…) The world is a troubled place (ahhh…, the smell of fresh-cut cliche!).  We often tend to blame our troubles on “Them.”  They may be the government, the church (one or all), corporate America, that pesky other political party, fill-in-your-favorite-minority-punching-bag, illegal-immigrant-mothers-on-crack, our Reptilian overlords, or the Kiwanis Club.  I think that most of the time the real source of our problems is staring us in the mirror each bleary morning.

But then, I’m a middle-aged white guy.


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