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“A Rose By Any Other Name…”

Posted by Gerald on June 7, 2007

Within about a minute of choosing the name for this blog, I started to regret it.  Now this could simply be envy of other, cooler names I’ve seen.  I’m also afraid that this could be a manifestation of that same belief that every mediocre to lousy band has ever had that if they could just get the right name, everything would be great.  I’m not sure if I’m going to do this at all, but if I were to do it my current top two alternate names are: “Its a Dessert Topping AND a Floor Wax” or “Phredd.”

Any thoughts or alternate selections? (actually, that might be my third option)


2 Responses to ““A Rose By Any Other Name…””

  1. bridgett said

    My first blog title sucked. It was pompous and hard to type. It was an accidental misquote of a song I thought I knew. And so forth. It happens

    Shorter usually works better. When I heard you were blogging, I hoped you would name your blog “Virtual Bourgeois,” but then I thought maybe Ziliak had taken that obvious step….

    Third Option is a marriage-counseling program. Probably not.

    However, Control Alt Delete has a nice ring to it…

  2. Gerald said

    Oh… “Virtual Bourgeois”

    That is just beautiful! Indeed, “obvious” – NOW! I just wish I HAD thought of that.

    To the best of my knowledge, Steve isn’t blogging although he does have an extensive faculty site.

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