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Virtual Office Hours

Posted by Gerald on June 7, 2007

Since I am teaching web-only courses this summer, I have got online office hours.  On Wednesday night from 7 to 9 I have “chat” windows open for each course.  This evening was a fine example of Web 2.0 in action.  For the first 90 minutes, no one was there, so I wrote my last blog post and cruised through the blogs I read and my daily news updates from The Economist.  Then, during the last half hour, I had a student show up in each class chat space, so I was having two conversations.  In one window, I’m trying to advise a student who felt she might be getting in over her head, and in the other I’m discussing William Pitt the Elder’s strategy in the Seven Years War and the meaning, and paradoxes, of Enlightened Absolutism.

 Oh, Brave New World…


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