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Post-Sopranos – An Hour Later

Posted by Gerald on June 11, 2007

Okay – definitely genius!

I had to get past the immediate WTF!?! of the black screen, and I see why it is really going to leave some people angry.  It lacked the one thing that everyone was looking for – resolution.  There is no feeling of fulfillment, no “moment.”

That is the genius though.  The “resolution” feeling is what we have been taught to want from television.  The moment of catharsis, the ending.  What we got here was an end, but not a resolution.  The problem with resolution though, is that it is false.  Real stories don’t end, we decide on ending places for them.  The genius of The Sopranos has been the way it has resisted the false.  This ending might not have been satisfying, but it was real – and that makes it great.

As for John From Cincinnati. I’m intrigued but not sure yet.  Being There with surfing?


2 Responses to “Post-Sopranos – An Hour Later”

  1. ramblingjenn said

    I am sooo puzzled why anyone thought this episode was genius or good.. i think it was crap and David Chase just slapped us in the face and bent us over! This was awful and such a shame to end it this way…from the great Peter Steele Dont mistake genius for lack of talent
    Rambling Jenn

  2. Steve said

    Wow. Yeah, so I’m a little thrown by the “rambingjenn” comment. I guess that’s to be expected, though.

    I’m working on getting my thoughts up, though I have to say, Mandy made the most astute observation I’ve heard: The show has always been about stereotypes. As such, the final episode (and the final sequence) is a grand composite of stereotypes– from the “Don’t Stop Believin’,” to the possible outcomes based on ocular proof (Italian hitman at counter; ‘gone fishin’ FBI agent in booth; black gansta’s; family dinner at diner to show everything is going to be okay), to Meadow’s inability to parallel park (women can’t drive!), to the Edward Hopper modern America “Nighthawks” reference.

    Yeah, Chase drove his music down our throats, but Anthony and his “model” girlfriend listening to Bob Dylan? Sorry, “ramblingjenn,” but it was worth seven years for that scene alone.

    I am befuddled, confounded, and CONTENT with this ending to a brilliant show.

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