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Just Because They Hate Him, It Doesn’t Mean They Love You

Posted by Gerald on June 12, 2007

The honeymoon is over, and has been for awhile, but the Democratic Leadership doesn’t seem to see it.

Americans’ approval of Congress has fallen to the lowest level in a decade.  Why shouldn’t it?  Despite an increasing number of hearings, nothing has really changed.  The President is proving the song lyric that “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” works both ways.  If there is nothing left for him to salvage, he doesn’t have to give ground on Alberto Gonzalez or on his war policies.

Many Democrats treated the election results last November as a transformation of American politics.  Nothing of the sort happened.  The Democratic majority is small in both Houses, they cannot sustain a filibuster or override a veto without help from across the isle.  In the individual districts, the margins of victory were not incredibly wide.  “It’s the War, Stupid” was the lesson here – there has been no sea change in American political life.

The one thing the Democratic leadership had going for it was perception, which it almost immediately squandered in pointless back-slapping.  They never had the muscle to force a change in policy unless they were willing to shut down funding for the war, and no one there seems to have that kind of nerve anymore.

This country is divided between the hardcore right, the hardcore left, and the vast “Who is winning on So You Think You Can Dance?”  I wish I believed all of this public disapproval and disaffection would mark a time of revision in the major parties, or the dawn of a new set of political parties, or a new Progressivist era in America – but I don’t.

Would somebody please prove me wrong?


One Response to “Just Because They Hate Him, It Doesn’t Mean They Love You”

  1. sskapica said

    No dice.

    I’ve caught a few random bits of news from the BBC News Hour on WFDD that have sent a few tremors through me: Things of global importance (Gaza strip violence; aid for Irish veterans) that are only briefly excerpted for American news programs. Immediately following the BBC reports, we’re back to the trivialties of Alberto Gonzales, etc. Boils down to us yammering about process and not doing anything. The big world is out there falling apart and our congress can’t do anything but proselytize…

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