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Antihistamine Sunday

Posted by Gerald on June 24, 2007

No deep insights here.

The dog greeted me at quarter to seven this morning and WANTED TO GO OUTSIDE, PLEASE!!!

To be fair to her, she didn’t wake me up.

Around six-thirty every morning she moves into a position where she can observe me and waits for the first sign of my waking up.  When she sees that she scoots forward while her tail moves into helicopter rotation mode, which coincidentally provides a vigorous “thump-thump-thump” on the mattress that helps with the me waking up thing.  Now if I’m really sleepy and just roll back over, she’ll settle down with a disappointed sigh and wait for the next time I seem to be waking.  Then I utter the special words – “Good morning, mutt” (well, she is – and being a female dog I could greet her with a much worse appellation, and those who know what I am like pre-coffee would probably agree my not using that term shows my deep affection for this animal.)  This means it is time for 16 lbs. of dog to leap at my face and begin attempting to insert her tongue into my nostrils and mouth.  The “So, are you ready?” means that while I am swinging my feet to the floor, she leaps off the bed and runs the length of the house to wait for me, with varying levels of impatience – to let her go outdoors to do what a small dog needs to first thing in the morning.

Now what actually woke me up, and triggered the morning ritual, was the beginnings of a fabulous allergy attack.  I am allergic to lots of things, including cats.  The air quality here this summer has been awful and I spent last night with my Saturday Night Gang and my hosts have a very dignified, and rather stout cat who goes by the unlikely name of “little brother” (but most people just call him “Sir”.)  I like Sir, but my immune system doesn’t.  We have frequent arguments, and my immune system usually wins.  To allow me to stay, I had to take a Benadryl.  I usually take one just before bed during allergy season anyway, but this was seven PM.  I then switched from beer to diet coke for the evening to give myself some caffeine.  Well, my immune system was stymied, but not defeated.  It waited until about six-thirty this morning and then opened up the mucus factories.

So, I took another Benadryl.

As a result, I’m looking at having accomplished nothing so far today, and I am still feeling a bit bleary.  I thought I’d do this as an exercise in getting my brain to work, which i think it has.  Maybe some more coffee.  Maybe I’ll write some more later.



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