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On the True Nature of the Cheney

Posted by Gerald on June 26, 2007

How are those of good conscience to know the proper course of things, if we have no clear understanding of the true nature of the Cheney?  This is what I intend to explore.

At issue is whether the Vice-Presidency is part of the executive or the legislative branch.  Several years ago, in refusing to allow Congress access to his visitor lists when reviewing issues related to the administration’s energy policy, the Cheney manifested his “executive” nature, proclaiming the “executive privilege.”  More recently, the Cheney has proclaimed his “legislative” nature when explaining how he is not bound by executive orders concerning the handling of classified documents.

To understand these things, we must explore the true nature of the Cheney and to understand the heretical views that have been raised.

Dick Durbin and others have raised a heretical notion that would deny the dual nature of the Cheney.  This began with the idea of Nestorianism which suggested that there is both a Legislative Cheney and an Executive Cheney, or logos.  In reaction to this emerged the Monophysite position, which would maintain that the Cheney has a single nature.  One variation of this would be Eutychianism which holds that the Legislative nature of the Cheney was obliterated by the Executive nature.  Another variation, called Apollinarianism holds that the Cheney has a Legislative body and “living principle” but that the Executive Logos has taken the place of his Legislative nous.  These ideas are heretical in that they deny the dual nature of the Cheney, which has been made clear in his words and those of his messenger Dana Perino.

True insight into the word of the Cheney reveals his true nature.  His nature is dyophysite, he is both Legislative and Executive in his being.  His separate natures exist together in a hypostatic union.  Thus he is unbound by the limitations of his Legislative Nature and of his Executive Nature.  He cannot be compelled by Presidential Authority or by Congressional Oversight.

He is the Cheney, and he is forever.


3 Responses to “On the True Nature of the Cheney”

  1. imfunny2 said

    I’m so glad to be educated. Here I thought Nestorianism was an offshoot of Christianity that began to die out in Asia and the Near East shortly after 1218 A.D.

    Silly me… 🙂

  2. bridgett said

    I always get Nestor confused with Castor. One had a brother named Polydeuces and the other didn’t.

    I think the verse is “He is the Cheney, and he is a Dick.” You must be using a different translation.

  3. Gerald said

    I’m using the Republican National Committee Revised Edition.

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