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The Real Bush Legacy

Posted by Gerald on June 27, 2007

The discussion has already started about Dubya’s legacy as President – handling of 9/11, War on Terrorism, Patriot Act, Afghanistan and Iraq, etc…

We can see the real legacy, however, in this story from the L.A. Times; one of many covering these decisions by the Supreme Court.  Bush’s real legacy is going to be in the persons of Justices Roberts and Alito.  These men will be shaping the laws and the structure of government long after Dubya has retired to the ranch in Crawford.

John Marshall, the most influential Chief Justice thus far, carried the philosophy and ideals of the Federalists well into the 19th century – when the Federalist Party itself had ceased to exist.  Roberts and Alito will also carry on the legacy of this administration for years – and probably decades – to come.

Money is speech and faith-based initiatives.  The future is here, folks.


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