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Is Optimism Appropriate?

Posted by Gerald on July 1, 2007

Friday, the Supreme Court, an institution that has caused me a bit of despair this week, has reversed its decision from April and agreed to hear appeals from detainees in Guantanamo Bay  Read more about it here.

I’m hoping this is a good sign.  Certainly the judicial philosophy of the court is going in a decision I dislike, but perhaps this shows some promise that the Roberts court is going to be willing to take on its full role as a branch of government rather than leading the way to the courts becoming the judicial lapdogs that the administration seems to want.

I am deeply concerned about the turn this week’s decisions signal for the court, but I would find it comforting to find some evidence that even justices who disagree with me might still support the full function of Constitutional checks and balances.

I guess we will see.


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