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Location, Location, Location

Posted by Gerald on July 2, 2007

The big task for today was to finish some grading I meant to have finished on Friday.  I’m now looking back on the day and is the grading done?  No.  Is the laundry done?  Yes.  Are my dishes done?  Yes.  Have I reorganized everything from computer files to the folders in my Bloglines subscriptions?  Yes.

For years I was working as an adjunct instructor and I did most of my work from home.  While I did that I was caring for my disabled and blind mother, yet somehow I managed to get lots of work done.  Since getting a full-time faculty position I’ve gotten used to working in my office and now it is like I cannot get work done anywhere else.  During the regular academic year, that doesn’t create a problem, because I am in the office all day during the week and I do not really take any work home.  Last summer, when we had a 12-week summer session, I just kept going in every day and so no problem.

This summer is different.  We are only doing an eight-week session.  I had a nice long break between the end of Spring semester and the beginning of Summer session.  I sat home, I read, I listened to music… and I started blogging.  After several years of teaching during the summer, I had thought I had gotten out of the summer vacation habit – but it has been nice.  So when the Summer session started I thought I’d just go in a few days a week, but do most of the work from home.  Well, so far I’m keeping up, but just barely.  I need to get back into the office for the second half of the session.

It has been nice though.


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