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A More Introspective Bush?

Posted by Gerald on July 3, 2007

There is a fascinating piece in the Washington Post about the President and his belated and misguided search for answers – seemingly to help him continue to justify how he has been right all along and how history will vindicate him.

Here are a few illuminating quotes about the President from various quarters that I gleaned from the article:

“This is either extraordinary self-confidence or out of touch with reality. I can’t tell you which.”

“He doesn’t watch Leno and Letterman. He doesn’t spend a lot of time exposing himself to that sort of stuff. He has a terrific knack of not looking through the rearview mirror.”

“Change shows weakness. Doing what everyone knows has to be done shows weakness.”

“There’s nobody there who can stand up to him and tell him, ‘Mr. President, you’ve got to do this. You’re wrong on this.’ There’s no adult supervision. It’s like he’s oblivious. Maybe that’s a defense mechanism.”

“My God, he looked well. He looked like he came off a cruise in the Caribbean. He looked like he hadn’t a care in the world. It was amazing.”


One Response to “A More Introspective Bush?”

  1. I don’t like Bush!!

    Asher Heimermann

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