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I Was Wrong

Posted by Gerald on July 4, 2007

I need to apologize to the President and to those few Americans who are still his steadfast supporters.

I had thought this man was unengaged at best and a bit dim at worst, but I was wrong.

George W. Bush is a Genius.

Wasn’t it Emerson who said the mark of genius was the ability to hold two opposing thoughts in mind at the same time?  During yesterday’s press conference, the President said – in answer to the same question – that the “jury verdict should stand” in the Libby case AND that he would consider a full pardon for Libby.


Actually, if you think of the last six years of administration policy as an ongoing experiment in cognitive dissonance, things become a lot clearer.


3 Responses to “I Was Wrong”

  1. psburton said

    The President and those brillant alumni of the Pat Robertson bible law and typewriter repair college who staff the Justice Department will be learning sooner then later that the one thing you never want to do if your going to invoke executive privilege is offer publicly to provide testimony and documentation to the legislative branch but with conditions attached.

  2. […] by Gerald on July 9th, 2007 In an earlier post I theorized that the entire Bush Presidency is best viewed as an experiment in cognitive […]

  3. […] It is an insightful and interesting read, however I would like to point out that I diagnosed Bush’s cognitive dissonance in this very blog on July 4. […]

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