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The Day of the Triffids

Posted by Gerald on July 5, 2007

Politics, self-revelation, examining one’s, life, discussing art, or the lack thereof… fine.

I have a different question.

Can grass explode?  I think mine is.  I just cut this stuff less than 48 hours ago and it is ready to be cut again.  I am in fear for my life.

BTW: If you get the meaning of the post title, mark yourself down for a +2 Ring of Geekdom.  If you get that joke, make it a +3.


5 Responses to “The Day of the Triffids”

  1. imfunny2 said

    Someone else who actually watched that film….hmm…I didn’t watch till after undergrad because so many people I knew had seen it….

    It weirded me out for about ten minutes after it was over and then I completely forgot the plot…

    But I’m sorry for your grass invasion

  2. bridgett said

    Make mine +3, though I never have actually seen the film. As IMF says, we got it by osmosis when we were in college thanks to a very…ahh…self-actualized is the polite way of putting it…down-the-hall neighbor. She’s the person who instilled in me most of my misconceptions about SCA (the rest were just personal prejudices looking for a place to land) because she would go on about being a
    Barbarian love slave and how cool it was to be “owned” by her “master: and I just thought it all a little f’d in the head. So, for a very long time, I thought that SCA was like a big costumed sex game with way too many players for my taste and I couldn’t understand what kind of kink required such an elaborate ritual structure…

    And then I had my Emily Littela moment.

  3. Gerald said

    Wow. I’m rather horrified to consider the mental image that must have presented itself to you when I first told you I used to be in the SCA…

  4. bridgett said

    Oh, I’d figured it out by then.

  5. Jon said

    1. I’m considering doing an MA with a view to becoming a community college prof – your previous essay confirms my own thoughts and has motivated me – thanks !

    2. 70s science fiction and D&D surely go hand in hand – I got both references immediately. If you’ve not seen the 70s BBC adaptation of Day of the Triffids, make sure you do. The triffids are pink….

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