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Will the Senate Shield Us from the Shield?

Posted by Gerald on July 5, 2007

Looks like Congress might cut the funds for the missile “shield.”  Read about it here.

You’ve got to love this.  This thing is supposed to be deployed in Poland and the Czech Republic.  Neither country has actually agreed yet.  It is supposed to protect Europe.  Neither the EU or NATO have endorsed the plan.  It is meant to protect us all from Iran.  Iran doesn’t have any nuclear weapons yet and doesn’t have any ICBMs.  The administration wants funding to start putting the system in place in the two countries that haven’t agreed to let us put it there.  This whole thing has the Russians threatening to move missiles and troops up toward Eastern Europe.

Here is the really funny part: the system hasn’t been successfully tested yet (it has been UNSUCCESSFULLY tested several times.)

So Dubya wants money to deploy a system that doesn’t work, in countries that haven’t agreed to host it, to protect countries that don’t want it, against an enemy that hasn’t threatened them, in spite of threats from a possible enemy who has.

“Well, there he goes again.”


One Response to “Will the Senate Shield Us from the Shield?”

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