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Sometimes It is the Little Things…

Posted by Gerald on July 6, 2007

I got a letter today from the office of my Congressman, Howard Coble.  It was written in reply to an e-mail I had sent urging him to support the “Habeas Corpus Restoration Act.”

I’ve never met the man, but as near as I can tell we do not agree on much of anything (except education – he is a staunch advocate for education).  He was elected over my strenuous objections, he has opposed most of what I support and has supported most of what I oppose.  I’m fairly sure that if we were both shown a photo of the sun low in the sky, one of us would say “evening” and the other would say “morning.”

Unsurprisingly, he isn’t likely to support this bill I favor either.

The letter basically thanked me for my input, stated the Congressman’s position, and said he would bear my communication in mind if the bill comes to the floor.  No big deal – the kind of letter staffers send out to constituents every day.

But still, I couldn’t help but feel a bit of hope.

Everything I know about Coble tells me he is a decent guy who just happens to have a very different view of what is good for the Republic than I do.  I made my case.  He (well his staffer) politely listened.  I didn’t necessarily persuade him, but he knows what this constituent thinks.  He probably won’t support the bill and it may or may not ever succeed, but both of us have done what we are supposed to and will proceed with good conscience.

Isn’t this how it is supposed to work?  I think it is.  I’ve been more than a little dispirited as of late.  This little moment gave me a bit of hope that my friends are right.  Maybe things will get better.  Maybe the Republic will survive this current phase.  Maybe we can get back to somewhat less bitter civic life.  I sure hope so.

Sometimes, it is the little things that matter.


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