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Jogging is Right-Wing

Posted by Gerald on July 7, 2007

You really couldn’t make this stuff up. 

The left-wing press in France has attacked newly elected President Nicolas Sarkozy – for jogging.  He is evidently an avid runner and has been frequently photographed out in his sweats.

The French left has decreed that his jogging is a “right-wing” conspiracy because jogging is about “individualism” and similar “conservative values.”  Of course, they probably also do not care for the NYPD sweat shirt the avowedly America-friendly Sarkozy frequently wears while jogging.

“Western Civilization, in its best sense, was born with the promenade.”

The British press is having fun with this, on the “look at the crazy French” front.

I would like to thank the French left for giving me an ideological excuse for sitting around on my fat butt.

I suppose the proper way to maintain a thin physique is to smoke a lot and suffer from ennui.


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