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Contrary to History International

Posted by Gerald on July 9, 2007

I’m watching History International right now.  They are showing something called “Lost Treasures.”  This episode deals with China.  It is part of the evening’s programing surrounding the new special about Zheng He.  They have just said something, and I must vent.

The Great Wall of China CANNOT be seen from the frikkin’ moon.  That is a myth.  Go online and find any one of the many pictures of the Earth taken from the moon.  Look at it.  Could you see the Great Wall?  No.  Search some more and you will find detailed refutations of this idea.

This is a piece of fiction written by editors of the Guinness Book of World Records (or it may have been Ripley’s – I’m ranting here) way back when.  They made it up.  It isn’t real.  The Wall is big, but not that big.

Just because it is on TV doesn’t mean that it cannot have some fact checking done, just that it is really unlikely.

Please stop the madness.


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