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Dead Dirty White People

Posted by Gerald on July 9, 2007

Bridgett at My Beautiful Wickedness is hosting another discussion about cleanliness (or lack thereof) in history.  The last one was very interesting.

Check it out.


3 Responses to “Dead Dirty White People”

  1. bridgett said

    Hey, give the people what they want…

    I see on my blog stats that titles that are self-deprecating (More reasons why I suck) and posts about boobs get more traffic than almost anything else I can post.

    Now I’ve got that Tubes song running throug my head. I bet it’s on YouTube…

  2. bridgett said

    Doh. I was thinking YouTube and crossed up Foreigner with The Tubes. Somewhere, according to the laws of pop voodoo, Lou Graham is experiencing stabbing pains in his chest while Fee Waybill suddenly has a good warm feeling all over.

  3. Gerald said

    Gotcha! I didn’t make the connection. I guess I’d better hang up my music trivia spurs.

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