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Not King, But Pope!

Posted by Gerald on July 9, 2007

Can you call something news if you knew it was going to happen?

Guess what!?!

The President isn’t going to allow his aides to testify before Congress.


The President is not going to change his Iraq strategy, even in the face of Republican defections.

After all, the executive answers to no one and is never wrong.

All hail His Holiness George I


3 Responses to “Not King, But Pope!”

  1. ChenZhen said

    Yea,it’s really beginning to look like we have a renegade administration.

  2. imfunny2 said

    The rigid inability to move on any policy at any time for any reason….

    and we have to pay in so many different ways…

  3. Gerald said

    … and will be for so long.

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