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Yeah! I’m Still A Heretic!!!

Posted by Gerald on July 10, 2007

The fine gentlemen at Scholars and Rogues have shared a news item with their readers.

To no one’s real surprise given his record Pope Benedict says we non-Catholic types ain’t real Christians.

Here are some more details from the BBC.

Fine, dude.  I still maintain that the whole “transubstantiation” gig is fairly ghoulish.  So there!

That’ll show those Muslims and their silly sectarian arguments!


3 Responses to “Yeah! I’m Still A Heretic!!!”

  1. bridgett said

    Wrong way. Wrong way. Wrong way.

    I know we’ve talked about Benedict as the classic name of the reactionary, but he’s really the wrong guy for the job at this historical moment.

  2. Gerald said

    I cannot disagree, but I guess this is what the College wanted – someone to hold the line.

  3. imfunny2 said

    Uh, another heretic heard from, but even the most devoted Catholic I know does admit privately that he misses JP II in comparison to this particularly … conservative Pope.

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