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Blogging and Grading Do Not Seem to Mix

Posted by Gerald on July 12, 2007

What with the intelligence report on the resurgence of Al-Qaeda, the White House interim report on “progress” in Iraq and the President’s active spinning in the new press room I should have lots to say.

I don’t.  At least nothing new.  Maybe it is because I’ve been grading essays all day, and I’m kind of tired (but not dispirited – the kids are doing well.)

I’ll see if I can’t find my usual sense of moral outrage later tonight.


6 Responses to “Blogging and Grading Do Not Seem to Mix”

  1. bridgett said

    I was back in the classroom for the first time today, doing Orientation for our incoming freshmen. I really love teaching and I would miss it if I had to stop.

    I know that sounds dumb to say, but there are times when I have questioned whether I really like this or not.

  2. Gerald said

    Not dumb at all, I think I understand completely.

    I love my job, but there are days when I hate my job, and days when I feel completely incompetent at my job.

  3. bridgett said

    Sounds like today was a good day, though…our Friends meeting is about four blocks from our house and since the UUs all go to Cape Cod during the summertime (no joke), we become summer Quakers. If John was just a little less firm about his atheism, I think we’d probably prefer to meet with the Quakers, as they are (here) more in step with how we try to live our life.

    The UU church here is old money families who split from the Episcopal church in the 1920s, so it’s like high church formality and social earnestness of the noblesse obliged. At the very time we could have used a harbor against the battering idiocy of our public political
    culture, the delightful “ah, yeah, this is IT” that we had in Iowa City is sadly lacking.

    Yet another reason I can’t look at any of the photos from Iowa City without getting so homesick that I start crying. I used to think it would just take time for me to adjust, but now I think that’s just the way it’s going to be.

  4. Gerald said

    I miss a lot about my life in Iowa City too. Mostly, I miss the people. That is the thing I keep in mind – the Iowa City I knew isn’t really there anymore.

    Still, today would be a fantastic day to go browse at Prairie Lights and then grab some ice cream at Great Midwestern…

  5. bridgett said

    And sit out on the Ped Mall…

    You’d have to get the ice cream at Whitey’s, though. The Great Mid closed down, driven into the ground by its new hippie overlords.

  6. Gerald said

    That happened before I left, didn’t it? I guess that just shows how a place is fixed in our memories.

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