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Low Maintenance

Posted by Gerald on July 12, 2007

I was paid an unexpected and rather unusual compliment earlier today.  It has had me thinking ever since about who I’ve been and who I am.

I was talking with a female friend and colleague today about another, male, colleague of ours.  My female friend and I had both attended a party last night where we consumed burgers made by a “secret” recipe, alcohol was consumed, and we all watched Serenity on our hosts’ big screen TV.  After the party, as she was driving home, she said she was thinking about me and her other male friends and came to a realization.

“Gerald,” she said, “you are the only ‘low-maintenance’ man in my life right now, and I really appreciate that.  Thank you” (laughing)

She seems to have (or perhaps inadvertently attract) a lot of male friends who are in need of emotional support or reassurance or whatever.  I’m not one of them.  Outside of the occasional moody post on this blog – which I find is very purging – I’m a fairly content guy.  There are some things I wish were different about my life, but I think anyone can say that.  Overall, I’m pretty happy.

What gave me reason to reflect on this, is that I know this was not always the case.  I know I have been “high-maintenance” at times in the past.  I’m fairly sure that because of my bullshit I damaged beyond repair one friendship I held quite dear.  If there is one thing that both my life and the study of history have taught me is that the old saw about how “you can’t un-ring a bell” is the absolute truth.  I tried to learn from that experience.  That isn’t the man I want to be.  What my friend told me today gives me some hope I did learn and that I am becoming that man.  That is cool.


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