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Another Slow Morning

Posted by Gerald on July 13, 2007

I’ve been in the office for about an hour and still haven’t gotten beyond the “organizing stuff and returning e-mails” portion of the morning.  Even my morning java (compliments of my nifty pod coffee maker – I love these things) hasn’t jump-started me yet.

Part of the problem is that I seem to be alone here.  None of my Social Science colleagues are in today and I’m pretty sure none of them will be.  I walked over to the other wing of the building to see if anyone… er… to check my mailbox (that’s it) and the only person I saw was the divisions administrative assistant.

During the 2006-2007 academic year we went to a new type of block schedule where classes all meet for a basic 75 minutes twice a week.  Everything is either Monday-Wednesday or Tuesday-Thursday.  Friday is used for labs and other things that do not fit that schedule.  It is also the prime time for meetings.  Of course, it is also the only day you can really find a block of time to do things like plan classes or do anything else time-intensive.  Now in the summer, when were are only running one eight-week session (another change), the classes are basically meeting Monday through Thursday.  The thing is, during the regular school year, we full-time nine-month folk are under our regular contract that requires us to be here – well – full-time.  During the summer, we are off-contract and if we teach it is as adjunct faculty.  This means we don’t really HAVE to come in on Friday, hence, the mostly empty campus.

Well, empty of my colleagues and of students.  The building is actually swarming with cops.  Since they are standing around some catering tables and eating, I guess this is probably some conference or some such (we do that a lot here – serving the community and all that.)

So why am I here?  I’ve got a meeting in about an hour to talk about funding for our Scholar’s Program.  Some of my colleagues started up an honors program here just before I was hired full-time and I jumped in upon hearing about it.  The thing is, we’ve been running on some grant money which is about to go away.  Everybody thought this thing was just great for our students and our academic standing and reputation, blah, blah, woof, woof.  Once we start talking about MONEY though, well, that is an entirely different story.

I also set up a meeting with our college president for Monday morning, at her request.  I’m not sure what this is about, but I am going to be president of our Faculty Senate next year and so it probably has something to do with that (at least I don’t think I’ve screwed up… lately.)

Okay, I think this has gotten the brain cells firing.  Off to work a bit before the meeting.


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