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My Class Status

Posted by Gerald on July 14, 2007

I’m a little under-inspired so far today, but I thought I’d respond to the person who found my blog via the search term “is teacher bourgeois.”

This teacher is really petit bourgeois.  The petit has become the virtual, I guess.

I do have a state retirement fund that does invest – does that qualify me for full-blown capitalist fat-cat bourgeois status?


2 Responses to “My Class Status”

  1. bridgett said

    I think we’re in “the creative class.” Only paid a whole lot less.

    There might be something to his analysis — having lived in both Albany (2d for its size in creatives) and Youngstown (dead last), Albany is much MUCH more arts- and humanities-oriented, even among the people who live here who don’t have a lot of cash.

  2. Gerald said

    That was very interesting.

    I wonder how Greensboro would score on the indices today? The city is very different from the one I knew in college and grad school. The downtown area then was completely deserted. Now it is full of restaurants, microbreweries, cafes, bars, some theaters and art galleries – just the kind of thing the author was talking about as necessary to draw the “creative class.” I know that the city has been trying to become a hub for biotech research and trying to draw businesses away from Research Triangle, but I’m not sure how successful it has been (I live an hour’s drive and a world away from Greensboro.)

    I’ve really been thinking about moving recently. There is really nothing for me in Lexington except a short commute to work (I am twenty minute from my front door to my office door – including the walk in from the parking lot.) A friend of mine has been telling me about some townhouses for sale in her neighborhood. I really would not mind being in the same city as a decent used bookstore or two…

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