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Take a Deep Breath

Posted by Gerald on July 14, 2007

In another big smoochie from the administration to the people it has sent off to fight in Iraq, evidently the Pentagon is starting to deal with battle stress by discharging the soldiers for “pre-existing” personality disorders.

Read about it on My Beautiful Wickedness.


One Response to “Take a Deep Breath”

  1. bridgett said

    This pisses me off so much that I can’t see straight. A favorite uncle came home from WWII permanently messed up and died of cirrhosis of the liver from self-medicating the ghosts. Other family members became and stayed serious heads after a tour up country in Vietnam. What we ask of men and women has the potential to really mess up their lives even if they never get hit by a bullet. And then to cut them off because of a bullshit “pre-existing condition” that wasn’t serious enough to keep the Pentagon from recruiting, training, and exploiting them during prolonged deployment? Jesus Christ. It’s criminal. The graph over at Blue Girl’s suggests that this was also the game plan during
    Desert Storm, which makes you wonder how many of those complaining about what is now Gulf War Syndrome were cut off even before the whole debacle about “yeah, we know you’re sick, but it’s all in your head” diagnosis that GWS people initially received.

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