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Again, I’m Confused

Posted by Gerald on July 17, 2007

As the U.N. moves with some speed (at least for the U.N.) to take some action on Darfur, opposition to the draft resolution has emerged.

Now we cannot be surprised when Sudan announces its opposition to a resolution that suggests the possibility of sanctions against – Sudan.  Hey, everyone is the hero in their own story.

South Africa?

What is the deal with Thabo Mbeki’s foreign policy?  Unhesitating support for Mugabe as he rides his country into oblivion.  Never a word of condemnation when the Zimbabwean government cracks down on its political opposition; but plenty of condemnation for anyone who calls them on it.  Now it’s let’s defend the poor genocidal Islamists in Sudan from the big, bad western imperialists?  Is he playing to domestic political interests?  Is this all about his standing in the African Union?  I mean given the historic links between ZANU and the ANC, I suppose I can get the Zimbabwe thing – but Sudan?  The victims here aren’t a bunch of white farmers (well, they aren’t in Zimbabwe either, but that’s the rhetoric) they are black Africans.

I don’t get it.


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