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Teacher Guy

Posted by Gerald on July 17, 2007

The running joke around the office of late has been that I am “teacher guy.”

We are having some reorganization and some new administrative positions opening at the college.  Some of this is just natural attrition through retirement and some is due to growth and change.  As various folks have been looking at this or that position, there has been a lot of discussion about goals and priorities and internal politicking.

Me, I’m “teacher guy.”

I have no ambition beyond being a really good history teacher.  I am considering picking up enough hours to be dual credentialed so I can teach in another field (maybe political science, maybe anthropology, maybe none of the above…), but that is it.  I have no desire to move into administration.  The classroom is my whole thing, and it is all I’m interested in.  As various changes and reorganization ideas are being discussed, all I really care about is if it is going to impact my classroom.  If not, God Bless!  See, I’m “teacher guy.”

Now, for the next year, I’m going to be Faculty Senate “President Guy” which requires my attention and energy to help with these wider changes.  I don’t see that as violating my identity as “teacher guy” though.  Part of my responsibility to the college is to take on both supportive and leadership roles outside of my classroom on occasion.  I’m going to pitch-in and help out.  Still, that isn’t because I see this as some stepping-stone to a higher position – I just see it as a duty, like voting or serving on a jury.  I’m really hoping that after this next year, I can hand various things I’ve been doing on to interested and motivated colleagues so that they can have some of the interesting experiences this sort of service has brought, and is still bringing, to me.  I’m looking forward to putting a greater share of my focus back into my own classrooms for awhile.

Because I’m “teacher guy.”


3 Responses to “Teacher Guy”

  1. Steve said

    (sniff, sniff)

    What’s that smell?

    (sniff, sniff)

    Ah… It’s the smell of satisfaction!

    I’ve almost forgotten what it smells like…

  2. bridgett said

    Yep. I’ve “moved up” too, but mainly because it just has to be done and it’s my turn. I’m heading women’s studies for the next year (if all goes well, I’ll be on sabbatical the year after) and I’ll also be on the Undergraduate Academic Committee that has to do with curriculur structure, general planning for student welfare, and so on. I also thought it was time that I made an effort to understand how the college functions beyond my department niche, the better to represent our interests when it’s time to do so. We don’t have a fac senate (still do everything by town hall democracy and slow development of consensus, as our founders, the Sisters of St. Joseph, did), but there’s a lot of rumbling among the administration that they want a less deliberative and more decisive body. I don’t foresee that happening, though.

  3. Gerald said

    We are really just starting to define what the Faculty Senate is going to be. It was really not active under our former administration. Things have been changing for the last two years, but we are still defining things. Unfortunately, we are often simply a forum for complaints. I do see that as a legitimate function, but I think it should be a minor one. We also act as a conduit for information about policy stuff and collect responses to new initiatives. I’d like to see us take on a role in promoting academic excellence and in fostering a greater sense of community on campus. We’ll see.

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