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I Blame the Heat

Posted by Gerald on July 19, 2007

I’m in a real fog today.  I just cannot seem to concentrate on anything.  After a long morning of trying to get myself on the move, I went into the office and graded papers.  Again, my mind just kept wandering, even at the office where I had no real distractions.  I finally packed it in and came home.

I generally try not to complain about the weather because what’s the point?  We are having a summer with more days in the 90s than usual, it seems to me, and with our normal swamp-like humidity.  Maybe part of the problem is that we hit the 90s much earlier than usual, so it is like this summer is lasting forever.  I really do not love summer the way most people seem to.  It is too hot and too humid for me.  My allergies have been awful for weeks.

I know this is just whining and I should suck it up and deal – and I will.

But not right now.


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