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Not Being Responsible

Posted by Gerald on July 30, 2007

Friday I wrapped up my Summer session courses and I’m now in the a-little-less-than-two-weeks break before we nine-month faculty types report back to work for the new academic year.  I spent this weekend in near total veg mode, and have been enjoying it so much I’m taking a third veg day.  Since no one here ever drops in on me unexpectedly (except the odd Jehovah’s Witness/local Baptist religious solicitors) I am sitting here unwashed, unshaven, undressed, and uncaring about the state of my appearance.

I’ve been doing highly productive stuff like watching all the things I’ve recorded on my DVR, but hadn’t gotten around to, playing Civilization IV (which I had put away months ago, but due to one of Nick’s posts I’ve been sucked back in), and watching all of the extras on my Battlestar Galactica (new series not old) DVDs.  I haven’t read anything except blog posts and news since Friday afternoon and my only evidence of sentient thought is the blog post I wrote over the weekend.

I really have a bunch of stuff I need to work on before we all report back next Thursday.  I’ve got Faculty Senate president stuff to do (like starting a re-draft of our constitution), I’ve got Teacher Guy stuff to do (like making some of the sweeping changes I’ve been contemplating in my courses – oh, and DESIGNING the hybrid course I’m going to be teaching this fall), and I’ve got loads of household projects (packing, sorting, tossing) that I should be doing.

Doesn’t look like they are getting done today, though.

This might go a long way toward explaining the whole not having finished my dissertation thing.


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