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A New Semester

Posted by Gerald on August 15, 2007

Classes started today.  I’m teaching six classes this semester.  Four of them are set up as eight week classes where I’m teaching Western Civ I the first eight weeks and Western Civ II the second two weeks.  Three of my classes started so I’ve gone over my syllabi many times today.

Another semester means another group of students.  I’m already seeing some of who the bright ones are going to be, the talkers, the ones who think they are too good for the course, the ones who are going to do well but are also going to worry constantly no matter how much reassurance I give them.  It is always a mix but there are always some surprises and I never get tired of that part of the job.

My new fellow history teacher is taking the lead in starting a history club – something I’d never thought of doing.  She is really hitting the ground running and I think it is going to be good working with her.  Our new sociology teacher is also very impressive.  We have a good group and I think this is going to be a good year.

Now if it would just cool off…


2 Responses to “A New Semester”

  1. bridgett said

    Yeah, but you do have a Phi Theta Kappa Chapter…didn’t you start that? My service commitments are already making me mental and the school year hasn’t started yet.

  2. nm said

    A history club is a fantastic idea. There was one at the CC where I used to teach, and it covered lots of basic stuff like note-taking skills, how to write a good history paper, how to answer ID questions on exams or write good exam essays, etc. (I know thestudents should have known these things already, but, of course, they didn’t) and also showed films and gave presentations on things being covered in the core history classes. All the students who were members did better in class and enjoyed the experience more. Of course, it was already up and running when I got there, and I can’t imagine how much work that had taken.

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