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No Real Feeling of Closure

Posted by Gerald on August 28, 2007

Alberto Gonzalez has resigned.

I should feel better – but I don’t.

Maybe it was Bush’s “good man dragged through the mud” blather.

Maybe it was the GOP congressmen who have been whining about how the next nominee (Attorney General Michael Chertoff, anybody?) shouldn’t be “subjected” to the “bitter partisanship” that poor little Alberto had to endure.

I don’t think so, though.  I think it is the lack of an apology.  I want an apology.  Not an “I’m sorry this happened” or even an “I’m sorry for betraying everything the country should stand for.”  I want him to perform a public display of self-flagellation (not metaphorical) while processing down Pennsylvania Avenue wearing sackcloth and ashes.  I want this to culminate in ritual seppuku on the steps of the Supreme Court building.


For making me miss JOHN ASHCROFT as Attorney General.


One Response to “No Real Feeling of Closure”

  1. imfunny2 said

    See, this is why I’m evil.

    When I heard of the resignation I was gleeful.

    I shouldn’t be. It’s wrong.

    But I was.


    in the 24 or so hours since…

    Will the departure of Mr Gonzales bring back the Posse Comitatus Act…will it restore the careless disregard of more than a few amendments? Will it bring habeas corpus back…

    Will it stop the political use of DOJ?

    Probably not…

    Could that *ever* make me miss John Ashcroft?

    No, but I do give Ashcroft points for standing up to Gonzales and Card from his hospital bed.

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