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Illusionary Gains

Posted by Gerald on September 4, 2007

The Washington Post has an excellent article about how “tenuous” and “temporary” the gains from the surge have been.

I know Petraeus literally wrote the book on counterinsurgency whereas I am an overweight history teacher and sometime blogger – but is this really surprising?  A guerrilla army fades away from enemy strength and only gathers where it is weak, right?  So if we pour troops into marketplaces the insurgents will leave until we do.  The only way to counter this is to find some way to eliminate what is driving the insurgency to begin with, right?

Has there been even one tiny little thing that has changed in the ongoing animosity between the sects in Iraq?

So we AREN’T winning, right?

Now Georgie is over there laying the groundwork for the PR blitz that will preface the Petraeus report.  Carefully selected illusions of progress like the one detailed in the WaPo piece will be used to provide justification for this farce.  The gutless wonders in Congress will give George his $200 billion for the war while continuing to argue over the $22 billion in discretionary spending he has decided to fight over.

and so it goes


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