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A Small Hole

Posted by Gerald on September 6, 2007

I have an unexpected hole in my schedule right now.  I’ve been busily grading away at piles of essays for the sixty students in my 8 AM high school section.  Generally these are my best students in a given semester and these essays demonstrate that.  They are not all brilliant or inspired but they do tend to be good journeyman efforts.  Still, after twenty-some iterations of a day in the life of a neolithic farmer (the most popular choice among the prompts I gave them) I really need to stop for a moment.

I have a meeting of the “Food Service Committee” coming up in a bit and I am taking a few minutes away from college work until then.  I am on a few committees.  Faculty Senate is the biggest one.  It is also the one that generates the most “busy-work” that needs doing but doesn’t seem to really accomplish much.  Then there is Food Service, the SACS “Compliance Team,” the Scholars Program Steering Committee and some ad hoc committees like the one for Constitution Day.  In additions I am still faculty advisor for PTK and I am co-advisor for the History Club.  I also got an e-mail earlier this week telling – not asking – me to serve on a “Census Task Force” that is going to re-evaluate a whole bunch of existing procedures for how we count students and document BFTE – and don’t that sound like a party?  In addition to all of this I am working with a colleague to start a series of public conversations/debates.  We are thinking of calling the first one: “Post-modernism is dead and I don’t feel that good myself.”

Oh, and I teach history.

Well, off to the meeting!


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