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A Day of Conversation

Posted by Gerald on September 7, 2007

Due to the block-scheduling we use at my school I generally do not have class meetings on Friday.  The plan for today was to get caught up on many essays that need grading, but I was not the industrious sort I should have been.  Statements like that may be a good indicator as to why I am in my 15th year of being ABD.

I spent most of the morning dealing with e-mail and taking time I shouldn’t have to comment on other people’s blogs.  By 11 am I had not done even a bit of grading and several of my office mates were already talking about doing lunch.  It was around then that I pulled the plug on the day.

I went to lunch with three of my colleagues.  I am the only male member of our department.  I do not believe I am being arrogant or presumptuous in saying I am well-liked by my female peers.  They seem to be quite comfortable with me around.

From lunch onward, the day was filled with extended conversations on everything from the mechanics of breast-feeding to our varied experiences in grad school.  One part of this was a rather eye-opening depiction of how a male professor of mine from years past deals with his female grad students.  Suffice to say my regard for this man has lessened.  Later on I did take part in a very productive meeting of our Scholar’s Program committee, so the day was not without service to the college, but mostly it was academic and personal conversation.  I like and respect these women even more tonight than I did this morning.  I do not think this was a wasted day at all.

But I do have some grading to do this weekend…


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