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One Thing I Hate About My Job

Posted by Gerald on September 11, 2007

To start let me just say that, even on its worst day, being a college history instructor is a cushy gig.  I’m not wrenching my back, getting chemical burns (an earlier job), or even breaking much of a sweat.  I like teaching and can generally tolerate the rest of the stuff that goes with the job.

Still, I AM an American and therefore feel entitled to bitch all I want.

Outside of the BS meetings and political stuff the task directly associated with my job that I really dislike is writing quizzes.  Not essay questions – those are easy.  It is the simple factual questions that I hate writing.

What brings this up is that I just spent three hours writing one.

This ought to be easy.  I know what I want them to have learned –  so just ask that.  Sometimes I find it that easy.  Sometimes I develop test writer’s block – which feels worse to me than any other type of writer’s block I’ve ever encountered.  I feel so damned stupid.  All of this stuff is swirling in my head and can find no outlet.

I think moments like these are meant to remind me of what can happen to my students sometimes – why I need to have compassion and not be the hardass I sometimes want to be when frustrated.

Anybody else feel like this?

3 Responses to “One Thing I Hate About My Job”

  1. bridgett said

    Yes. I find that sometimes I can just emit typed “peeps” — like a blurted fragment that starts out like a brainstorm list but then just kind of slides into incoherent bubbling. I have the damnedest time moving from those bits and pieces into a multiple-choice or t/f or matching format, which I think is probably why I don’t do much objective assessment in my classes. I just suck at writing good obj test prompts and I don’t want to spend the time to get good at them.

  2. Steve said

    Yeah. This is why I always make a big stink in my classes about why essay tests are the best way to gauge real learning– that whole synthesis vs. rote memorization thing. But it’s really because I hate trying to write quiz questions… It helps that writing is such an integral part of English classes!

    But I feel your pain, man.

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