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Posted by Gerald on September 18, 2007

Not something you have read much about here.

This is a post that will only be of interest to those readers who care about my personal life.

I don’t talk about dating because I haven’t been on a date since the Clinton administration.  First term if I am remembering correctly.  I just got tired and stopped and I haven’t had time or inclination since.

Until recently.

I’m not playing 24-hour care-giver now.  I have a stable job and a life I’m proud of.  I’ve just been feeling the loneliness more acutely recently.

Work isn’t any real help.  Anyone I would be interested in there wouldn’t be interested in me.  Several friends have agreed to instantly kill me if I ever even LOOK like I am trying to date a student (we made a mutual pact in grad school.)

So I actually signed up at eHarmony.  Total impulse.  I’m already feeling somewhat embarrassed so I am engaging in some public revelation to ensure I will own the choice.

We’ll see.


5 Responses to “Dating”

  1. Steve said

    Dude. If you ever need a wingman let me know. And if it’s any consolation/affirmation: The last wedding I went to was between two people who met on eharmony.

  2. imfunny2 said

    It’s my understanding that for those that can sign up, E Harmony is a great tool. I’ve known several couples that have met on E Harmony and are doing quite well.

  3. Rena said

    It is not a bad idea to start an online dating when you feel lonely. As most people would rather dating a partner who is the same style, so it is better to choose nich dating site than general. I am a tall girl and I love dating tall guys, so I joined I suggest you go to some niche dating sites.

  4. Gerald said

    The last comment was a bit of trolling but it is just so weirdly appropriate that I had to approve it.

  5. bridgett said

    Yeah…I actually thought about telling “Rena” about the virtues of one tall guy I know who hosts this site, but then I figured out that
    the bot wouldn’t care.

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