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“Let Us Win”

Posted by Gerald on September 19, 2007

This was the plaintive cry of John McCain in relation to the amendment limiting tours in Iraq proposed by Webb and Hagel.

The amendment that was just defeated.

“Let us win.”

As if the only thing standing between American forces and victory is the completely ineffective attempts of the Democrats to force a change in the policies of this administration.  Bush and Petraeus have succeeded in planting this fiction that the “surge” is “working” despite the complete lack of any political progress on the ground.  Now that the Senate Dems have temporarily located a backbone we discover, to no one’s surprise, that their patriotic companions across the aisle – with a few exceptions – are still unwilling to oppose this President.

Why should they be?  The Republican voters have so firmly married themselves to the fictional account of this war emanating from the White House that none of them even blink as the paid mercenaries the US is using to provide security to our government officials in Baghdad engage in a slaughter of civilians.

“Let us win.”

As far as I’m concerned that statement uses up the last of the slack I’m willing to cut McCain because of his time as a POW.  I don’t give a damn if the guy was a hero four decades ago.  He has signed off on Bush’s violations of American liberties, winked at re-interpretations of torture, and now has joined the Cheney chorus in singing that it is the fault of those of us that oppose this pointless war that it isn’t working.

“Let us win.”

Give me a break.


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