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Posted by Gerald on October 8, 2007

During my 8 am class this morning one of my students came up to the front row of the auditorium and stretched out with a pillow and went to sleep.  When I informed her that, as per my syllabus, I was going to count her absent if she slept in my class so she might as well go someplace comfortable, she responded by saying “okay” and packing up and leaving.

I’m still rather dumbstruck by the total contempt this demonstrated for me personally and for my course.

There are days that I really wonder why the hell I bother.


2 Responses to “Monday”

  1. bridgett said

    Whoa. I always try to remember that these are people “without raising,” as my mother would say. I also think sometimes that students get so wrapped up in their own dramas that we figure very little in their thoughts at all.

    I had my first two plagiarism cases over the weekend. Nothing pisses me off more.

  2. Steve said

    I was originally going to post a comment along the lines of: “…and here I feel bad because I got bronchitis. Sorry, dude.” Or maybe, “You can lead a jackass to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

    But in light of Bridgett’s comment, I’ll add: I tell my students that discovering a plagiarized paper is like finding your wife in bed with another man. It doesn’t phase some of them (maybe because they’re in the beds of their friends’ wives), but I did get some shocked looks last week!

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