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I’m Caught Up!!!

Posted by Gerald on October 17, 2007

I’m sipping wine and watching Bionic Woman

Due to my having worked all the way through my fall break I am, for the first time this semester, caught up with all of my grading.  I have never had a semester like this.

Tomorrow the schedule includes the first instance of what we hope will be a series of public academic conversations.  My friend and colleague Steve over at Semeiotikos came up with this awhile ago.  We are hoping to model, as another colleague called this, “how cool it is when smart people talk about interesting things.”  We hope that maybe this might turn on a few students to academia.  At the least we hope it will model a type of public discourse other than the competitive shouting or constant sermonizing they are used to.

Of course, another colleague has referred to this as a “nerd-off”.

The plan is that Steve, our Associate Dean Mark, and I are going to attend tomorrows regular Thursday Coffee Hour in the Library and hold a public conversation.  There will be a sign so that people know what is going on and that we really want them to listen in or, even better, to participate.  Our first topic – my idea – is “Postmodernism is dead and I don’t feel so good myself.”

In the afternoon I’m helping Steve cover our colleague Dana’s film class where we are going to have a presentation and discussion of the film “Little Big Man.”  I want to talk about whether subverting one set of myths creates truth, or if it just creates another set of myths.  We are also hoping to get the students to talk about how this otherwise unconventional western has very conventional Hollywood depictions of gender.

This could be the most fun day this semester. 


3 Responses to “I’m Caught Up!!!”

  1. Mandy said

    These activities almost make me wish I was still there to share in them. I’ve heard Steven’s version of the day, but would still like to ask:

    So, was it, after all, “the most fun day” of the semester?


  2. Gerald said

    It was. We had more people than I had really believed would show up. Students asked some excellent questions and members of the audience took an active role. The whole thing went as well as I could have hoped. Also, I just had fun! I like talking about things like postmodernism and culture with smart people and i had a roomful of them. At one point Matt suggested we take a “break” and I couldn’t really figure out what I was taking a break from.

    As I’m sure Steve told you, though, the afternoon film class was a bit disappointing. Still, I thought that part had its high points as well.

    So yes, I did have fun!

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