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Posted by Gerald on October 30, 2007

I really feel like I’m in the doldrums of the semester right now.  The energy from the beginning of the semester is gone and the end of the semester seems very far away.  I usually see an increase in absences around this time of the year.  This morning I walked into my 8 am class to dead silence.  I’ve got 63 people in there – mostly 18 or under.  I felt like I was carrying them uphill on my back.

In the afternoon I was covering the film class taught by my friend who is recovering from surgery.  Today we had a discussion of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.  A group of students lead each discussion and that panel did pretty well, especially the two who dressed up.  The rest of the class was basically comatose.  I was surprised by that, this isn’t a film that people tend to have no reaction to.

I think it just gets back to the doldrums.


3 Responses to “Doldrums”

  1. Heidi said

    I’m draggin’ too. Usually I’m very happy to celebrate Halloween, but I don’t feel like it this year. Ben wants me to dress up and go trick or treating and I guess I’ll have to… but I feel just like you do!

  2. We, your high school students who are dual-enrolled, are all very tired as well. We also all have senioritis, thanks mostly to the evil Senior Project that the Davidson County School System is imposing on the unlucky senior class of 2008. 12 years of our life all now depends on one project–it is exceptionally sad. If we fail the project, we fail English 4, which is a required class for graduation, so in essence if we fail the project we don’t graduate. It makes our entire education seem so pointless. Ah well. Please excuse our sluggishness–we are under a great deal of stress, and burned-out already.

  3. bridgett said

    The students in NY are deader than a sackful of hammers too. I am blaming it on the shorter daylight, which I know is getting me down as well.

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