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Registration Day

Posted by Gerald on November 6, 2007

Regular classes were cancelled today so we could advise and register new students.  Returning students were supposed to come in for appointments during the last two weeks of October.  Out of my 49 advisees (at least that is how many files I’ve got) maybe 10 came in during that period.  I saw three more today along with two brand new folks. 

Frankly, it has been a little slow.  We managed to squeeze in a department meeting along with Japanese take-out (you would have to have lived here in the 1980s to realize how wierd that was to write) at lunch and then a planning meeting for the Scholar’s Program.  Things sped up after that, though.

Unfortunately the last of my advisees just left, and since it is now about 6:30, it looks like I’m not getting home for awhile.  Yesterday I had my evening class so I didn’t get home then until about 8 pm.  It will probably be more like 7:30 tonight.  I’ve got an 8 am class tomorrow.

I hate registration day.


One Response to “Registration Day”

  1. bridgett said

    It was Advisement day here, too. It’s the day I most resent my institution (and I usually like my job just fine). If the curriculum is so f’ed up that the people you’re admitting can’t figure it out without assistance, then maybe that’s your clue that it doesn’t make any sense. Or that your admission standards aren’t high enough, one of the two.

    I had all thirty of mine come through. Most of them are juniors and seniors, so they have little left to sort out and mainly are just dropping my for the magic PIN number through which they can register on-line. However, I’m now also advising women’s studies majors and minors…gah.

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