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Hypocrisy File

Posted by Gerald on November 8, 2007

Now that we no longer have to order our Freedom Toast with a side of Freedom Fries and can forgive France for not seeing the absolute necessity of invading Iraq, it seems we have settled on a mission for the George and Nick show – Iran.

Does becoming a head of state require a secret neurological procedure that eliminates the ability of the recipient to detect hypocrisy.  The US and France are going to cooperate to persuade Iran not to build a nuclear bomb.  That would be the country that invented the damn things to begin with and the country that pulled out of NATO so it could develop and deploy its own independent nuclear capacity.  Then we are going to “persuade” the government we have been trying to undermine for 25 years that they don’t need a bomb when they have our assurances of peaceful good will.

After all, it isn’t like the US is ever going to provide massive amounts of military aid to a hostile power that hates them? or invent an excuse to invade their country out of whole cloth largely for domestic politcal gain, is it?

What do they need to worry about? Political Blogger Alliance


One Response to “Hypocrisy File”

  1. imfunny2 said

    And I’m wondering if the rumors are true that an administration official has been sitting on the current National Intelligence Estimate for Iran for nearly a year…because it doesn’t reflect the situation as the current administration wishes it would…


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