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Posted by Gerald on November 25, 2007

I am really thinking about indulging myself and buying one of the new “Kindle” e-book readers for Christmas.  I’ve seen a lot of differing opinions on the web.  Some people do not seem to get the idea at all (like complaining that it isn’t a PDA or a laptop) and others have more valid concerns.  Then there are the people who see this as the “iPod” for digital book readers.

I’ve got to say that it looks good to me.  The thing weighs less than a paperback and is designed so you can easily carry it around and read it – like a book.  Amazon’s prices for books seem reasonable to me.  They have a about 5000 history titles available right now.

This is a first generation product and will probably improve dramatically over the next couple of years… and it does cost 400 perfectly good American dollars.

Still, as I look at the overfilled bookshelves of my house, this looks so cool that I really want to indulge my inner techno-geek – right now!


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