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End of the Semester and Off to the Big Easy

Posted by Gerald on December 6, 2007

Even though our classes do not end until next Tuesday I bid a fond farewell to this semester’s crop of students yesterday and today when I had my last meetings with them.  Come Saturday morning, I am off to New Orleans; the land of cajun food, tranny hookers, and the scars of Katrina.

I am attending the SACS conference there – that is the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.  This is the accrediting body for everything from local school systems to the big universities here in the land of Dixie.  I am on the “Compliance Team” so I am going to New Orleans to learn how to comply.  While there it is just possible I might take a little time out from learning new acronyms and edu-speak to eat of spicy food and imbibe of alcoholic beverages.  One of my colleagues has been researching various non-conferency things to do for about three months.  Definitely on the agenda so far is a Saturday night bar-crawl and a Sunday night tour of the French Quarter with a guide who will show us all of the haunted locations and tell us ghost stories.  Also possible is attendance at a zydeco festival, a tour of the National World War II Museum, and a sculpture garden.

I have a camera phone now.  I might post photos upon my return.


2 Responses to “End of the Semester and Off to the Big Easy”

  1. bridgett said

    Have fun. We just booked our AHA rooms — we’ll be in slightly cheaper digs on Embassy Row, but we’re planning on staying at least an extra day just to hang out. Grandma will not be in tow this time, so there will be much pass the baby (which is easier now that she’s nine).

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