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Back from the Big Easy

Posted by Gerald on December 12, 2007

I got back to the house at about noon today.  I should have gotten back sometime last night, but my connecting flight from Dulles was cancelled.  I’ve taken a short nap and went to pick up the dog from the friend who was kind enough to take her.  Dog is asleep but I am still in that really wired post-trip deal.  I am heading for a crash though.  I got about four hours of sleep in an overpriced hotel room that I had to pay for (screw you, United) and various catnaps before and after arriving there last night.  Monday night I closed down the French Quarter with a couple of colleagues (one a friend, one just a co-worker) who were at the same conference, so I went into this whole adventure with about four hours of sleep.

Then there was the cab driver who didn’t know where the hotel was.

Oh, and I sprained my ankle the first night in New Orleans.

I may post a longer account of events in New Orleans later.

Here is the impressionistic one:

pain on a sidewalk; caring friends; more pain; Higgins Boats; ugly truths; great jambalaya; scary waitress; some rest; good burger; flamboyant waiter; loud music; more pain; seeking a cab on Bourbon St.; conference; decent po’boy; less pain; more conference; fried alligator; good crabmeat au gratin; virtually alone at a full table; walking to the French Quarter; some pain; seedy; lights and noise; cold Jager and hot blues; an angry stripper in a doorway; looking for voodoo; loud music; gin and tonics; a surprising side of a co-worker; a friend having lots of fun; singing along with karaoke; still feeling like an outsider; the others and What I Like About You; more gin and tonics; no pain; We Didn’t Start the Fire; getting into the spirit; Paradise City; In the Name of Love; my friend shakes her groove thing and her new boa; I have pictures; Sweet Child of Mine; Summer of ’69; unwanted advances and a reverse lap-dance; I do not know a damn thing about modern pop music; that’s Amy Winehouse?  Janis Joplin without the chops?; who?; Margaritaville; who let in the 12-year-olds?; the perspective of age – kid, you can get her to grind on you but I guarantee you are sleeping alone; drunk girls screeching Summer Love; security intervenes; 500 Miles; a co-worker redefines REO Speedwagon; empty bar; saying goodbye; a big night for us and Monday for him; foggy and mostly empty Bourbon Street; heading for the Clover Grill; paying the street hustler for putting in the work; Under the Boardwalk; wandering; seeing what goes on in the alleys at 3 am; a moment with a friend over a milkshake at Krystal’s; the empty roulette table at Harrah’s; walking home


One Response to “Back from the Big Easy”

  1. Steve said

    And here I thought I was the poet!

    Sounds like it was mostly fun and definitely worth the trouble. I look forward to hearing the longer version…

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