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Obama in Iowa

Posted by Gerald on January 3, 2008

I wonder if Obama’s showing in Iowa is the beginning of the end of the “he’s unelectable” reason cited by so many dems in other places as the reason they are unsure about him?

This wasn’t really what you would call “Obama Country.”  The state is overwhelmingly white, rural, and aging – not really his key demographics.  Still, he was able to fight Clinton and Edwards to a standstill.  How much better is he likely to fare in the big Midwestern states with their large urban and African-American populations?

I’m really curious to see how the next two are going to run.  If Clinton can’t pull this out in New Hampshire, it seems to me she is looking at real trouble.  Then we have South Carolina.  Sen. Clinton does not seem to have the appeal her husband had in the south so far as I can see – though I’m not up on the poll numbers there.  Given its large African-American population this seems to be another place Obama might do well.  I’m not sure how Edwards is playing there.  I know here in NC there are many of us who haven’t really forgiven him for undoing a hard-won Senate victory here (and giving the seat back to the GOP) for an unlikely Presidential bid.

Just on the pure joy of watching politics angle, this is turning into the first fun race in a long time.  Is the GOP coalition of libertarians, fiscal conservatives, and social conservatives starting to unravel?  What about the potential split in the democrats between populists, women, and African-Americans?  It seems to me that this election could be as big of a watershed moment in American politics as the election in 1980.

There are so many possibilities brewing here.

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One Response to “Obama in Iowa”

  1. Mandy said

    I cannot begin to express how motivated and inspired I feel at this very moment. Emotions are running high, the polar opposite of the emotions my day began with. My trust in the medical profession may be shaken, but faith in my fellow Americans has been resurrected!

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