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Snow Surprise

Posted by Gerald on February 13, 2008

This may not mean much to my friends up north, but I just went to let my dog outside and discovered an unexpected blanket of snow over everything.  Not much – maybe a quarter inch – just enough to leave everything but the street looking white.  I knew there was an outside chance of some flurries, but I had no idea it was actually snowing.

I have just enough kid left in me to have found that a little magical


2 Responses to “Snow Surprise”

  1. bridgett said

    My buddy Tom has a song that’s called The Great Southern Whiteout:

    The governor called the National Guard
    To defend the milk at Kroger
    It seems a housewife had pulled a gun
    Over the last loaf of bread
    And by the time we got four inches
    They had closed I-65
    And the state homeland security
    Had taken us to red.

    And the TV tried to warn all of the masses
    Stay off the bridges and the overpasses.

  2. Gerald said

    Did I ever tell you about how Glenn, Louis, and I all went to the grocery store to stock up on provisions when the first major snow was being forcast during our first year in Iowa City? Our Florida, Arkansas, and North Carolina trained sensibilities required we do so and we were all rather surprised to find no one else engaged in that great southern ritual of buying toilet paper and the ingredients for French Toast before a a snow storm.

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