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Non-Snow-Day Snow-Day

Posted by Gerald on February 14, 2008

We got enough snow that the county schools here closed and most regional colleges and two-year schools were on two-hour delays.

But not ours.

Luckily for me, my first class on Thursday doesn’t meet until 11:00.  The roads didn’t seem too bad (a few icy patches, but not many) but my sidewalk and driveway both looked a bit treacherous – and, frankly, my ankle still hasn’t entirely recovered from New Orleans.  As a result, I gave myself a slight delay and didn’t get in until about 10:30.

The day felt like a snow day even though there was no snow day.  I taught my classes and resisted the temptation to cut things short or just show a video, but except for that I didn’t get a thing done.  I wasn’t alone in this.  About half of the kids in my 2:00 class didn’t show – and by then it was in the 50s outside.  When my department chair left her office at just before 4:00 and announced that everyone should leave, it didn’t take much to convince me to join the mass exodus.

I did some grocery shopping and came home.  When I left this morning, my porch was solid snow and ice and my yard was white.  This afternoon when I got home the snow and ice had almost completely disappeared and the house was warm enough inside that I turned on the over head fan in the living room and got myself a cold Bass ale.

For any of you who are indulging, have a happy Valentine’s Day.


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