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The End of Western Civilization

Posted by Gerald on February 27, 2008

There is something fitting that what I’m about to tell you happened on the same day that we have all heard about the passing of William F. Buckley – intellectual, writer, editor, and champion of oppressed Euro-centrism.

Ever since I was an adjunct at my current institution, I’ve been championing the inclusion of a two-semester World History survey course as an alternative for the usual Western Civilization course that makes up 90% of our offerings.  My department chair attended a meeting this morning where this was approved.  In fact, except for a couple of sections of Western Civ that will be taught by a semi-retired former faculty member (basically our version of a professor emeritus) we are dumping that relic of post-WWII academia entirely and going to World History across the board come next fall.

No more NATO history!!!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!


One Response to “The End of Western Civilization”

  1. bridgett said

    Woohoo! This really is good news. We started a world history curriculum in the late 1930s (back when the Sisters taught it as their witness to world peace…always has been kind of radical joint…we actually had a branch of the IWLPF on campus). So we never have done NATO history — largely because the NY social studies standards demand world history — which confuses candidates when they come to interview because they are all prepared to tell us how they’ll certainly teach western civ but ideologically they’d prefer, yadayada, the whole grad school thing you do when you haven’t bothered to check the course catalogue…and then our Wob political scientists have some fun with them.

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