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Clarke is Dead

Posted by Gerald on March 18, 2008

Arthur C. Clarke has died.

 Clarke was an early favorite of mine.  I loved his novels, but I thought he was at his best as a short story author.  I still remember the closing of his “Nine Billion Names of God” as giving me one of the creepiest and most awe-inspiring moments I had as a young reader.

 I always liked his work best when he allowed his humanism to come before his science.  He had an optimism about human potential in spite of his awareness of human weaknesses.  I always saw a similarity there between his view of humanity and its future and Carl Sagan’s.  Both of those men taught me to admire science and to see the beauty that is so often hidden by the jargon.  Both gave me an example of how one could be realistic about the human condition and fervent in calling for change without ever giving in to despair and cynicism.

I think Clarke made us all a bit more for his having been here, and we are all going to be a bit less for his leaving.  If he finds a journey beyond this one, I hope he enjoys the exploration.


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